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Edited: 12/11/14
:new: Message from :iconneofox: :new:

Miss my Invader Zim art? Welp, now you can support the making of more!

AskZimIsDead is a project of mine, an ask tumblr featuring Zim, that you can now support on Patreon.

The more pledges, the more posts of Zimmy and Diblet goodness that will be posted. There are rewards for pledging certain amounts- which is a bonus on top of getting more Neo IZ art.
The best being the $25 reward: A special patreon only place to post asks to ZID. Your asks will take presidency over regular asks. Regular asks are otherwise randomly chosen on tumblr. PLUS: You will see asks before anyone else on tumblr! 

The ZID patreon has already reached it's first milestone! An awesome gift to me for Xmas would be to reach the second milestone: steak knife.


For more information just read the Patreon page.

Merry Xmas to all you Invader Zim fans!

EDIT: Rebloggable tumblr post @…

Please post comments, questions, concerns at neofox's original journal entry: Invader Zim fans, check this out


Welcome to the Z-A-D-R Club. 

Many people ask why we don't just convert into a group to make faving our gallery submissions easier. We post copies of the drawings for art conservation purposes. In a group account, only the original artwork exists in the gallery, so if/when that artist decides to delete their work, it's gone forever. By remaining as an individual account, we keep the copy alive for future fans to enjoy. In fact, we proudly boast an extensive section of our gallery with HUNDREDS of pics like this that don't exist anywhere else on deviantArt entitled

 SpotlightOriginals No Longer Available (ONLA) GallerySpotlight 

Please respect our museum's rules and fave the original artist's work whenever possible. The links are conveniently provided in the artist's comments section of every deviation. Failure to comply will result in being added to our block list for one to two months. During this time, your ability to add our deviations to your favorites will be disabled and all our deviations will be removed from your favorites. If you feel you have wrongly been added to our block list, please feel free to contact the curator at her main account,Andalitebandit-6

We hope you enjoy yourselves browsing our gallery. Have a nice day ^_^

neofox brought it to our attention that ASK accounts on Tumbler are getting popular and it would be cool to find one for our favorite alien and paranormal investigator! So go ahead, ask them something ;3 

:iconexcitedzimplz:Ask Boss Kharna:iconexciteddibplz:

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KillerWaffleFreak Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2014  Student General Artist
Thank you very much for the features!! ;v;
Z-A-D-R Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2014
Always happy to put a spotlight on ZADR artists :D Keep up the good work!
Karidesu Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2014
:3 gracias,me haces un gran favor al publicar mi dibujo!♥
Z-A-D-R Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2014
Siempre nos gusta promover artistas de ZADR! ^_^
Karidesu Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2014
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