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InvaderconIII Final Doom by RandomZADR
We're back from the Texas InvaderCon! :D Oh, much fun and shenanigans were had. You can see the schedule of events here:

While standing in line for the vendor room, we met cupidity11, who was honored to meet us and made us feel special, and Lil-Banshee, whose dream was for someone to recognize her, which we did of course! We gave them each a little ZADR badge we homemade using cute ZADR art we selected by various artists, a Fab Badge Maker kit, and glitter glue from Walmart:
ZADR Pins by Andalitebandit-6

We talked about the ZADR meet-up where CinniMinn would give out little doodles to whoever attended. We met her before the meet-up, she was in Gaz cosplay, and got a little doodle sticker from her:
ZADR Sticker by Andalitebandit-6

We unfortunately never got to the meet-up, because it was accidentally scheduled during the costume contest and was postponed to a later date that we never found out about, which sucks because ladylaguna was said to have been there too, also drawing doodles for everyone! :(

Our T-shirts were ghetto style, as in the ZADR art wasn't actually printed on the fabric, but rather printed on paper and then stuck to our shirts using safety pins xD The most popular one that lots of people had never seen and kept asking to take pictures of was an old drawing by heimdallct that has Zim in human form:
IZ - ZADR 04 by heimdallctr

There was a Starbucks booth in the hotel, and they were selling something called Girlicious frappes:
They were basically vanilla bean frappes with purple and green food coloring. They sold out pretty quick xD

In the Panel's room, one of the games we played were Invader ZIM Taboo. If you've never played the game Taboo it's basically a word on a card that you wanna get your partner to say, and a list of words underneath that are taboo, or forbidden, for you to use while describing that word. 

Taboo Cards by Andalitebandit-6
The game was fun, but we sucked at it xD While other teams were getting 4-6 points each round, our team barely got half a point, because we managed to get half the word =w=; The winners got InvaderCon pins and stickers as prizes, except on the last day where she let the winners keep the cards they had guessed correctly.

In another panel, we met a father/daughter team that called themselves Makin Biscuits and have a youtube channel:…. They're working on creating the unaired Invader Zim episodes! Their current project is Invader Poonchy, but they're also working with the group called Soapy Waffles on animating Mopiness of Doom, which they said would be done before the end of the year! :D Their other projects include 10 Minutes to Doom (which is in the storyboarding stage), the Return of Keef, and the Trial.
Both have accounts here on deviantArt. The father is squirrelismyfriend and the daughter is ThePurpleTabby

The Q & A with Melissa (the voice of Gaz) somehow turned into the InvaderCon staff throwing out conspiracy theories in which Gaz was adopted, her biological parents were alien assassins sent to kill Zim, and Professor Membrane knew about it all along. Melissa and the audience loved it, and promised to spread the conspiracies as truth on the internets :B

There was a part in the "Eric Tells Lies about Writing on Invader Zim" panel where he confesses that Zim and Dib are secretly in love! As soon as someone posts the video, we'll link to it here 

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AwesomlyAma Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
hello i have a question how do i join your club? i would really like to join but i have no idea where to start
Z-A-D-R Featured By Owner Edited Jul 13, 2014
To be honest, we're not really that active anymore. Most of the members have left to join the group account here:…. If you'd still like to have your art hosted here anyway, there are 2 options:

1. Join the club and have all your current and future ZADR art automatically added.


2. Add the phrase "The Z-A-D-R club has permission to post this pic" at the bottom of every picture you'd like to see in our gallery, and send us the links.
Madagaskarka Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2014
Thank you ZADR community! So many wonderful arts in one place! You are rock!
Z-A-D-R Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2014
Glad you appreciate it ^_^ Enjoy~
SupaEevee Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
Er, I'm fine with you using my art, even though I'm a little embarrassed because it's so old, but you could take out the description I wrote? It was when I was still going through the weeaboo phase and it makes me want to murder my past self. Thanks!
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